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Complette filling lines

Oil filling line Marmelade filling line Cosmetic filling line

Filling lines usually consist of filling, capping and labelling machines with optional equipments such as additionall conveyers, conveyer transfers, infeed and outfeed tables, elevating conveyers etc.

Filling lines can be assembled for different industrial branches, mainly for filling of:

  • soya sauces, edible oils
  • sirups, fruit juices
  • ketchups, mustards, mayonnaises, jams 
  • shampoos, fresheninings, creams, liquid soaps, body lotions
  • cleaners, detergents
  • chemicals (acids, lyes), inks, colours
  • oils, brake fluids, anti-freezes


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The new tubes labelling machine of our company Imaco Group

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The new Sigma K machine for tubes filling

Filling and capping machine (Polaris FM, Hermes BCWS)

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