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Conveyer systems

conveyers side belt transfer small conveyer rotary table ejecting table elevating conveyer

Filling machines and whole line is equipped by different kinds of conveyers and conveyer accessories according to the project and logistic requirements, place disposal and client needs.

Such an asembled line can be created by many kind of conveyers (plastic, metalic, roller etc.), curves and other devices like a rotary tables, rectangular tables which can be used like an infeed/outfeed diveces.



IMACO Presentation

New catalog IMACO 2017

The new tubes labelling machine of our company Imaco Group

The new capping machine Hermes 1M

The new Sigma K machine for tubes filling

Filling and capping machine (Polaris FM, Hermes BCWS)

Interpack 2017

RosUpack 2017

Interpack 2014