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Hermes BC ROT

Hermes BC ROT

Hermes ROT automatic capping machine is designed to seal various types of containers (plastic, glass and metal) with screw, press-on and tamperproof caps. The machine is suitable especially for sealing large containers in the food, cosmetic and chemical industries.

The machine can be equipped with different types of cap unscramblers (vibrating, rotary, belt type) depending on the type and size of the cap. For feeding the caps into the cap unscrambler the caps hopper is available.

For placing difficult caps onto the container neck the "Pick and Place" system or the special rotary placing device can be used.

The machine can be equipped with different controls, e.g. cap (under-cap) presence control, which can be connected to a mechanism of no cap (under-cap) bottles rejection.

There is the side belt separation device supplied to separate bottles and reduce containers pressure before they enter the star wheel.

Function of the machine:

The containers are transferred by a conveyor to the star wheel. The indexing type star wheel takes the containers and carries them to the caps placing station and than to the closing head. The closing head tightens the cap at the necessary torque (if the head is of the pressure type, it will press the cap on the bottle neck by means of a spring unit). The torque can be set on the closing head by means of magnetic clutch. After the closing is completed the star moves the container to the conveyor.

Maximum output of the machine is 2500bph.


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