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Hermes BCWS

The Hermes BC WS linear automatic capping machine is design to close cynysters. The cap is placing onto the canyster automatically by pick and place unit.    
Function of the machine:    
The containers to be closed are transported by a motorized side belt under the magnetic capping head.    
If the senzor recognize canyster in closing position - motorized side belt smoothly stop the canyster to avoind splashing of the product out from the canyster.    
The cap is place to the canyster by pick and place system. This system is driven by cam.    
The closing head screws on the cap at the necessary turning moment (if the head is of pressure type, it will press the cap into the bottle by means of a spring unit).    
The turning moment is adjustable by magnetic capping head    
If the bottle is closed is transported by the motorized side belt  out    
The body of the machine is completely made in stainless steel AISI 304 and is mounted on adjustable height feet in order to get an easy assembling to the rest of the bottling plant.    
Automatic caps feeder mounted on the top of the machine.     
Manual regulation of the height by a simply adjustment from the control panel.    
Manual regulation of the speed by inverter.    
Electrical photocell is posed in the enter , in case of no arrival of bottles the machine doesn´t run.    
Electrical photocell is posed on the exit, in case of problem on the bottling plant the machine stops.    
Electrical photocell stop the machine in case the caps feeder is completely empty as to avoid any bottles pass trough the machine without to be closed.    
Automatically the machine start again working as the caps feeder is full of caps    
Tolerance of bottles diameter +/- 1mm    
Tolerance of bottles height:+/- 2mm      

Output of machine: up to 2500bph


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